What Happened With Taylor Strecker?

Sometimes it is not always big names that gather our interest but little influential ones become our greatest concerns. This is exactly why many people are being affected by the sudden disappearance of radio host Taylor Strecker and her hit morning show ‘Wake Up with Taylor’ in Sirius XM. So what did happen to her? Is it something serious or is it just her personal life? Speaking of her personal life, who is her partner or is she already married?

Getting right to the point, ‘What happened with Taylor Strecker?’ the same question has riddled the minds of Taylor’s fans after her hit morning show ‘Wake Up with Taylor’ that aired from 7 to 10 in the morning in Sirius XM. Since her sudden disappearance from the radio, her fans have been asking about her and we’ve got some answers.

According to the situation, it is safe to assume that Taylor will not be returning to Sirius XM anytime soon. Her show has been replaced although we are not sure the reason for canceling such a popular show. Anyway her fans are not having it and currently, her Instagram page is blowing up with love and support from them and even some hate for anyone who got fired. Taylor even thanked them in a photo message on her Instagram page.

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Taylor Strecker Lesbian Relationship with Girlfriend

Taylor Strecker if you don’t follow her personal life is openly gay. Yes, she is an open lesbian and she has a very interesting story on her coming out of the closet as well as meeting her girlfriend. Taylor until some time ago was straight but had little interest in both men and sex. Luckily her then-husband was not very pushy when it came to sex but at the same time their married life was slowly decimating due to lack of passion but until that time she had no interest in women.

Then around 3 years ago she met her current girlfriend who was working as a videographer for a mutual friend. The mystery woman was coincidentally also named Taylor, Taylor Donohue. However, the first impression between the two Taylors was not very good or at least for Strecker who was kind of jealous of Donohue as she was pretty and 6 feet tall and having the same name seemed to backfire. But with time their relationship got better and better and they were even progressing into something greater than friends. At the same time, Strecker’s relationship with ex-husband was turning from bad to worse which eventually led to their divorce.

While divorce is a heartbreaking process, Strecker had Donohue to get her through all this. They were killing the single life flirting with men and women until one day a random woman came and kissed Donohue which suddenly brought up jealousy in Strecker.

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After shaking it off for a while Strecker finally confessed her feeling to Donohue but Donohue wasn’t so accepting considering Strecker’s recent divorce. However, the two just couldn’t force the chemistry between them to stop and be flirty with one another and act like nothing happened the very next day. The two finally gave in to their temptations on a vacation in Miami and kissed and have been inseparable ever since.

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