Inanna Sakris boyfriend revealed? Her Wiki: Bio including religion & ethnicity

In the world where internet and social media govern major portions of the world population, beauty and attraction play a major role for people. The Instagram and Youtube personalities such as Inanna Sarkis are well attributed to both the looks and the talent when it comes to her social media career. Find out the entire wiki about the new uprising Youtuber from her wiki to her dating life and boyfriend.

Is Inanna Sarkis dating a boyfriend? Or is she single?

It is not very hard to see that Inanna Sarkis is one smoking hot lady and it will be not hard to picture a huge number of guys that have a crush on her. So coming right to the big question, is she dating anyone and who is her boyfriend?

It looks like the single life affects the rich and beautiful too as Inanna Sarkis neither is dating anyone nor has boyfriends that we know of. She shared the details of her dating life on Twitter where she tweeted “I don’t have a BF because I haven’t found one who’s as focused on their career as I am on mine.”

Inanna Sarkis Twitter

So her fans who have crushes on her can breathe in peace. There is still hope for them after all since she still does not have a boyfriend. While Inanna does not have a boyfriend in real life, her many time’s reel life beaus portrayed by Youtuber Anwar Jibawi and she shares quite a chemistry. Even when she made the revelation on Twitter, many were quick to ask her if wasn’t she dating Anwar.

Hot Inanna Sarkis Biography: Ethnicity, Nationality, Age

Hot Inanna Sarkis

Hot Inanna Sarkis, somewhere on the beach.

Source: Listal

Inanna Sarkis was born on 15th March 1993 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She was brought up in Canada by her dentist father and a Bulgarian mother. Due to her Bulgarian mother, it is not difficult to picture her mixed ethnicity and mixed-nationality as well. We do not know clearly about her religion, but many of her uncited wiki websites inform us that she is a Muslim by religion but also frequently visits the church.

She is fluent in her first languages Bulgarian and Assyrian and also in English and also took piano classes as a child, she now is an expert in piano. She graduated from Ryerson University with a bachelor’s degree and also was planning to study Law. She has an older brother as a sibling. She is also an actress, and outside of online media she has worked in some small movies including a short she wrote and directed herself called ‘Aura.’ Her ‘Youtube’ channel has a total of a stunning 1.6 million and counting subscribers.

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