Find out Elon Musk brother Kimbal Musk’s net worth. Also, know his wife

Now that the test Tesla is out orbiting the space lets give a little more attention to another Musk. We are talking about Kimbal Musk who just as talented but not as famous as his brother. Kimbal Musk is a force reaching out to the millennials in ways you never knew. Catch up on all the good work this Musk has done and planned to do in the future along with his net worth in 2018 and bombshell wife.

Kimbal Musk: A Bio and net worth

The 45 aged Kimbal celebrated his birthday on September 20, 1972. Kimbal Musk, brother Elon Musk, and sister Tosca Musk were born to mother Maye Musk and father Errol Musk. Their mother was a very prominent dietician, and their father was an engineer.

He has an approximate net worth of $672 million today.

Kimbal Musk with his mother and siblings

Who is Kimbal Musk’s wife?

Kimbal Musk was married to architect Jen Lewin. Kimbal and Jen have three children. Things didn’t work out between the two, and they filed for a divorce.

After the divorce, he married entrepreneur Christiana Wyly. The couple now live in Boulder, Colorado.

Kimbal Musk’s Career

Kimbal Musk is a Canadian American entrepreneur, restaurateur, and philanthropist who has South African roots. He has worked on tech for more than a decade with his brother before venturing off to work into his current passion. Kimbal is currently consumed by the driving need to promoting a philosophy he calls “real food.” He is backing what says by applying on his chain of local food-focused restaurants – The Kitchen. He has been on the mission to bring fresh produce to all over the United States for a decade.

Kimbal Musk

He is drawing the millennials into farming with his Square project roots that is an accelerator incubating vertical farming startups in Brooklyn.

His other ventures include LLC, a chain of community restaurants, and acts as an active board member of SpaceX, Tesla Inc., and Chipotle Mexican Grill. He also operates a nonprofit program – Big Green, which is a space where students learn about the science of growing fruits and vegetables.

Kimbal Musk was named one of the Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company Magazine in 2015. He grabbed the Social Entrepreneur of the Year in March 2017 for his philanthropic works at the Schwab Foundation.

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