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For those who could be looking for personality and determination in one place, it is so easy to find them in Kate Rorke. Kate is not only intelligent but also very beautiful. She is various articulate on the various issues affecting the society. Kate was majorly known for the role she played in the Life Below Zero television series, showcasing the lives of the small-scale hunters.

In as much as Kate was not born in Alaska, she is all the same very familiar with the terrain in this part of the world; and the struggles that the people living here have always had to deal with. Unfortunately, Kate Rorke decided to leave Life Below Zero recently. She cited very personal reasons for her decision. Most of the viewers of the show were not happy with her decision. Kate has always been one of the best cast members of the show Life Below Zero.

Learn more about Kate Rorke Bassich’s married life with husband, Andy Bassich, family, net worth, and career in Life Below Zero.

Kate Rorke Bassich And Andy Bassich Are Married. Meet Her Daughter

Kate Rorke was married to Andy Bassich. However, Kate and Andy decided to end their marriage of ten years in 2016. Kate used to live with her husband at the Yukon River. This particular place could only be accessed by boats or the snow machines. The couple had a survival and dog mushing school which they comfortably ran together. They had a total of 26 sled dogs.

Interestingly, each of the sled dogs had a name. During the marriage, Kate and her former husband were blessed with children. In one of the exclusive interviews, Kate talked about her youngest daughter.

Image of Kate Rorke Bassich with her husband Andi Bassich

Kate Rorke Bassich with her husband, Andy Bassich

However, she did not say so much about her. It is not known how many children Kate and her ex-husband had during their marriage. Such pieces of information have been kept very private. Perhaps, just like most of the celebrities, Kate would want to hide her children away from the harassing eyes of the public. For now, Kate has opted to focus on her career and the children. She is yet to accept another man in her life. However, it could still be possible that Kate is already dating someone. Some of these celebrities can be very secretive at times.

Kate Rorke Bassich Net Worth and Salary

The fact that Kate enjoyed every moment she spent in Alaska could only mean that she is a woman who loves simplicity. During her service at Alaska showcasing the discovery series, Life Below Zero, Kate was paid so handsomely. She worked together with the hunters in Alaska including her former husband, Andy Bassich. However, we cannot tell exactly how much she earned as salary during that period. All that can be said is that it was decent enough to sustain all of Kate’s needs.

When all her assets and other side hustles are summed up together, Kate Rorke commands an average net worth of around $100,000. By the standards of an average woman, Kate is a rich lady.

Image of Kate Rorke Bassich net worth is $100,000

Kate Rorke Bassich net worth from Life Below Zero is $100,000

How Old Is Kate Rorke Bassich? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Born in the year 1956, Kate Rorke is currently 62 years old. Unfortunately, the exact day and month of her birth are not known. Throughout her life in public, Kate has always chosen to remain silent about her parents and siblings. It is therefore quite difficult to extract so much information about them.

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Kate has over the years not said so much about her parents and siblings. The first time Kate set foot in Alaska was like thirteen years ago. However, she left the place in 2015. This was after the brutal divorce with her ex-husband. She decided to start her life all over again.

Why Did Kate Rorke Bassich Leave Life Below Zero? What Is She Doing Now?

The main reason behind Kate leaving Life Below Zero was due to the bitter separation between her and the former husband. For now, Kate is working on a book on domestic abuse, narrating from her own experience. She is working on putting her life back together.

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