Street Outlaws Precious Cooper Married, Husband, Dating, Net Worth, Wiki, Real Name

As one of the most talented American street racers, Precious Cooper has come to be nicknamed as the queen of the streets. Over the years, Precious Cooper has managed to sharpen her driving skills a great deal.  However, apart from the car races, most people do not know so much about the life of this young lady.

As an individual, Precious Cooper is a person who loves to play her cards very close to the chest. She is so secretive with the events of her life. This article has attempted to shed light on the personal and career life of Precious Cooper; Precious Cooper married life, net worth, early life and any other relevant piece of information.

Precious Cooper Married To Husband Or Dating Boyfriend? Any Children?

Not so long ago, it was rumored that Precious Cooper was dating JJ Da Boss. However, the truth has come out in good time. JJ has a wife of his own, and she is not Precious Cooper. To Precious, JJ is a mentor who has helped her learn a lot in the field of car racing. He has been like a big brother and a father to her. That the two are quite close and friendly to each other should therefore not be misinterpreted to mean that there is something going on between them.

Image of Precious Cooper dating with D JJ Boss

Precious Cooper dating with JJ Da Boss

Over the years, Precious Cooper has chosen to keep her dating life under the waters. Precious Cooper’s husband is not known. She has never spoken about having a husband or at least a boyfriend. It is therefore difficult to tell whether Precious Cooper has a man in her life or not. There is not even a single photo of a man on her Instagram page. Perhaps Precious’ refusal to talk about a man could be simply because she does not have one.

There is a slim possibility that Precious Cooper is married. It would, therefore, be a perfect opportunity for any man who has been drooling for her behind the curtains to make a move. By all standards, Precious Cooper is a woman worth the attention of any sane man.

Precious Cooper  Net Worth and Salary

Precious Cooper’s love for the machines is one which has a very long history. From the young age of nineteen, Precious always wanted to race. It is this passion for the track that has over the years brought her some good amount of fortune to boast of. JJ has been very instrumental in the success of Precious Cooper as a street racer. Through patience and tact, he has over time managed to help Precious to graduate from the basics to ultimate professionalism. Precious launched her racing career with a ‘Puddle Jumper’ car. From here, she moved on to Memphis streets and ‘Street Outlaws.’ During the ninth season of the competition, Precious Cooper competed against Chuck and consequently managed to win the title, ‘Queen of the Streets.’

As Precious Cooper is still very young in her career, it is only logical that he has not made so much from it. For now, she has an approximate net worth of $50,000 but her salary is still yet to be published. However, as time goes by, her net worth is expected to keep growing. 

Image of Precious Cooper net worth is $50,000

Precious Cooper net worth from Street Outlaws is $50,000

How old is Precious Cooper? Age, Birthdate, Birthday

Precious Cooper was born in 1989. She is therefore 29 years old at the moment. The exact day and month of Cooper’s birth are unfortunately not known. It is therefore hard to tell when she celebrates her birthday.

Wikipedia, Bio, Real Name

Precious Cooper was born in Osceola in Florida. She comes from a family of four members. The family survives on very low income. Precious is the daughter of Ricky and Sara Cooper. Street Outlaws star Precious, has one younger sister and her name is Chelsea Cooper. The unforgiving economic condition of her family gave her the inspiration to do something to change the situation.

Body Measurements: Height And Weight

Precious Cooper is a decently tall lady. Her weight is equally average. However, the exact details of her body measurements are yet to be revealed.

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