Todd Hoffman Net Worth and Salary per Episode. Meet his Wife, Children, Family, Wiki

Most people in the Yuko territory of Canada have always believed in property investment to be the best business decision one can ever make. It does not matter how rich somebody claims to be. As long as he or she has not invested in the real estate sector, his riches cannot be enough.

Against all the odds, Todd Hoffman chose a different path. Having failed in the aviation business, Todd Hoffman set out to look for gold in the Yukon areas of Canada. Todd had the help of some beginners. Todd Hoffman took the road less traveled by, and it made all the difference. His has been famed for participating in the reality show, ‘Gold Rush.’

Get to know more about Gold Rush star Todd Hoffman’s married life with wife, Shauna, and children. Also, learn more about this TV star net worth and salary pay per episode.

Todd Hoffman Net Worth and Salary per Episode

As a campaigner in the ‘Gold Rush,’ Todd Hoffman has all the experience that one could be looking for. He uses his skills to look for gold.  Not only does Todd Hoffman strive to get gold in the deepest parts of Yukon, but he also ensures that he fetches the best price for his treasures. Having assembled a crew of six junior minors, Todd Hoffman was so optimistic that he would get some of the best gold from the earth.

With the soul bursting with resolve and determination, Todd Hoffman simply had to succeed in his venture. In as much as Todd Hoffman could be having other avenues of earning cash, most of his wealth has been birthed from the gold business. This year, the net worth of Todd Hoffman was estimated to be $400,000.

Image of Gold Rush cast Todd Hoffman net worth is $400,000

Gold Rush cast Todd Hoffman net worth is $400,000

Besides the gold, Todd as also boots his income as a reality television personality at ‘Gold Rush.’ At ‘Gold Rush,’ Todd Hoffman is believed to be earning a salary of somewhere between $200,000 and $400,000 per season. Who can deny the fact that Todd Hoffman is eating the life with a very big spoon? There are also rumors that Todd Hoffman has an airport.  Reliable sources, however, say that the business at the airport has not been at its best in the recent past.

Todd Hoffman Married Life With Wife And Children

When it comes to family matters, Todd Hoffman. He believes in keeping everything away from the glaring eyes of the public. However, most of his fellow celebrities would prefer exposing their loved ones out there for everyone to see. It could be for genuine security reasons that Todd Hoffman chooses not to talk about his family members in public. However, of late, Todd Hoffman seems to have sagged the strings a bit. He nowadays occasionally take pictures of his children and the mother and post them on his timeline. Todd Hoffman wife is Shauna Hoffman.

Image of Todd Hoffman with his wife Shauna Hoffman

Todd Hoffman with his wife, Shauna Hoffman

She is not the talkative type. It is therefore difficult to extract so much information about her.  For Shauna Hoffman, life is a very secretive affair. The love between Todd and Shauna is too strong. Todd Hoffman has never shied away from flirting with his wife even in public. It appears like the two had met just the other day. Todd’s Instagram page is full of his wife’s photos.

Todd and Shauna Hoffman have two children; a son and a daughter. They are Hunter Hoffman and Hudson Hoffman respectively. The son occasionally makes appearances on the television series, ‘Gold Rush.’ The relationship between Todd and his daughter Hudson seems to be the best. He keeps posting her photos on Instagram.

How old is Todd Hoffman? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Born on the 12th of April 1969, Todd Hoffman is presently 48 years old. Gold Rush cast, Todd celebrates his birthday on the 12th of April every year.

Wiki, Bio, Family

Todd Hoffman’s parents are Jack and Georgia Hoffman. His nationality is American while his ethnicity is white. Todd’s sister is  Tamra Hoffman. As a gold miner, Todd was inspired by his father. The adventures of his father as a gold digger made him so curious about the business. Having started as a goatee at the beginning show, Todd’s beards have over the time filled his face. He values his beards so much.

Todd Hoffman Death Rumors

At some point, there were rumors that Todd Hoffman has passed on immediately after he had left the show. However, if his recent social media updates are anything to go by, Todd is still alive and kicking.

What Is Todd Hoffman Doing Now? Social Media Updates

About one month ago, Todd announced at a press conference that he would be donating some of his treasures. On his social media account, he announced a gold-winning competition for his fans.

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