Daddy Dave Street Outlaws Net Worth, Car, Wife, Married, Children, Wiki

Most people may be tempted to ask more about the person that is Daddy Dave from the ‘Street Outlaws.’ Besides being a professional car racer, Daddy Dave is also a renowned television personality. Besides having a booming career at the ‘Street Outlaws’ entertainment show, Daddy Dave has also made a decent amount of money from other career activities over the years.

This piece of writing will try to explore the life of Daddy Dave in greater details. Overall, Daddy Dave’s net worth, car racing career, married life, children, and family.

Daddy Dave Net Worth and Salary Per Episode

It is easy to imagine the number of fans who have at some point asked themselves how rich Daddy Dave is. As a car racer with a career spanning for so many years, it is not hard to believe that Daddy Dave has some good amount of fortune for himself. From the very reliable sources, it has been estimated that Daddy Dave net worth is about $1.5 million.

Image of Daddy Dave net worth is $1.5 million

Daddy Dave net worth from Street Outlaws is $1.5 million

The amount of money he earns a salary at the end of each episode had also been discovered to be somewhere around $20 thousand. The greater portion of Daddy Dave net worth has been gotten from his long career as a car racer and a car expert. However, his many years of service at the popular television show ‘Street Outlaw’ has also given him some good amount of money. Daddy Dave might have already been in the car racing industry for so many years already. However, his career may be yet to see its better days. With consistency and more opportunities coming his way, it is expected that the net worth of Daddy Dave will continue to grow as the days go by.

Daddy Dave Married To Wife, Cassi Comstock. Meet His Children

Before Daddy Dave became a public figure, it was very hard to tell how his love life looked like. However, recently, Daddy Dave wife is Cassi Comstock. The two actually got married in 2013. Since then, they have been able to live so peacefully with each other. The fans have so far not heard any rumors of marriage fights between them. It could, therefore, be accurate to say that Daddy Dave wife, Cassie, will not be leaving him anytime soon.

Image of Daddy Dave and his wife, Cassi Comstock

Daddy Dave with his wife, Cassi Comstock

Over the years, Dave’s wife has had two daughters. It is, therefore, a young family of four members. However, the identity of the two children has never been revealed to the members of the public. Cassie has been a very supportive wife to her husband. She has greatly helped him to prosper in his car racing career. When Daddy suffered a terrible car accident that almost took away his life, Cassie was always there to assure him that everything will soon be okay.

How old is Daddy Dave? Age, Birthdate, Birthday

Born on the 4th of April 1973, Daddy Dave is 45 years old at the moment. He, therefore, celebrates his birthday on the 4th of April every year. As a regular user of the social media, Daddy Dave most likely posts pictures of his birthday celebrations on his timeline.

Wikipedia, Bio, Real Name

Daddy Dave was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma in the United States. He is the child of Peter Comstock and Marge Comstock. However, the career details of Daddy’s parents have never been revealed. Daddy has so many other brothers whose identities have remained unknown. Dave passion for cars began when he was a very young man. By the age of 16, Dave had already acquired a driving license. Not so much can be said about his education. All the same, he graduated in 1991.

Daddy Dave’s real name is David Comstock.

Daddy Dave Cars. His Death Updates

Dave started by driving his parents’ Chevrolet Impala. Daddy Dave had an accident in 2015 that nearly took away his life. Fortunately for his, he was able to rise back to his feet. Having lost his racing car in the accident, Dave decided to build ‘Goliath 2.0’. Daddy Dave car is, therefore ‘Goliath 2.0’ at the moment.

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