Is Morgan Beasley Married to Margaret Stern? Know his Wife, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio

When it comes to Mountain Men (A reality series airing of History Channel) then, one guy that cannot go unnoticed is Morgan Beasley. Today we go the extra mile to bring you more about his career as well as his personal life. Particularly, the article will touch on various aspects such as Morgan Beasley’s net worth. Also, it will dig deeper into the guy’s early childhood including his career.

Yes! The article has also got you covered on Morgan Beasley’s wife. Or is it girlfriend? Whichever the case, the article has got your back on his relationship and marital status so let’s get straight into the piece.


Morgan Beasley is one of those celebrity’s who prefers keeping a lot about their life as a secret. Therefore most of his details are not known. For instance, the guy has not made his date of birth known to the public. This information is hence hidden from the public. Details about his weight as well as his height remain undisclosed.

The situation is pretty much similar to his parents because nobody knows them or whoever it is that raised him. However, he has once in a while mentioned of his sister called Jill Beasley. Professionally, her sister is a medical sales recruiter. Unlike his brother, she does not live in the wilderness.

Concerning the stars ethnicity as well as his nationality, the gentleman is white and more still an America. The fact that there is a word that Morgan Beasley attended and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in environmental science at the University of Idaho does not only prove that he is educated, but it proves that the guy went through high school education.

Sadly, the name of this high school is yet to be unveiled. About his likes, the gentleman is a big lover of nature.

Image of Morgan Beasley from Mountain Men show

Morgan Beasley from Mountain Men show

The star’s career commenced as soon as he graduated from college. Morgan Beasley career other than being influenced by his love for nature was triggered by his perception of the cities. The gentleman did not like city life. If anything, he despises cities as they have destroyed nature. Therefore, for ten years he was a nomad, and finally, he decided to settle in Alaska even though the weather is quietly unbearable. Through the use of his degree, he can survive in the region.

Also, his horses have played a significant role in his settlement in the area. It was, therefore, his relocation to Alaska that opened the opportunity for him to become as a star as it gave him the chance of being part of the Mountain Men Crew. However, the gentleman has only been part of the series since its fourth season and no doubt he is doing well.


One of the achievements of the guy which are attributed to his career is his growth of garlic in the Alaska region as he mastered the soil needed and the weather conditions for its growth. Before indulging into this career, the gentleman tried his luck with other professions.

For instance, before moving to the wilderness immediately after his graduation, the guy worked as a guide, constructor and fish processor in attempts of making ends meet in the city. All this did not suit him as he quit eventually.

Morgan Beasley Net Worth

The gentleman takes home a salary of $200,000. As for Morgan Beasley’s net worth, it has been estimated to be around $1 million. Although it primarily emanates from his TV career, apart of it emerges from his work at the Apricity Alaska Wilderness Adventure. Morgan Beasley’s net worth also emerges from his job as a botanist alongside his fellow cast member Margaret Stern.

Image of Mountain Men cast Morgan Beasley net worth is $1 million

Mountain Men cast Morgan Beasley net worth is $1 million

Is Morgan Beasley Married to Margaret Stern? Meet his Wife and Children.

You cannot talk of Morgan Beasley’s wife as the guy is yet to marry or engage anyone. Morgan Beasley is not dating anyone at the moment. However, there were speculations that Margaret Stern could be Morgan Beasley’s wife to be.

Image of Morgan Beasley with his partner Margaret Stern

Morgan Beasley with his partner, Margaret Stern

This is because they had been cohabiting; hence everyone thought they had been in a love relationship. However, they have clearer that their act of cohabiting does not insinuate that they are in a love affair. Sadly, the guy does not have any children of his own.

Hopefully, he decides to get married and informs the public so that we can let you know. Until then, the guy is single and does not seem lonely as he has found absolute love in the wilderness more so in nature.

Quick facts about Morgan Beasley from Mountain Men

Name Morgan Beasley
Age Not Known
Birthdate Not Known
Birthplace Not Known
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career TV Personality
Net worth $1 Million
Wife Margaret Stern
Children None
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known

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