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When it comes to the list of the sizzling television series in Bravo Channel, you can bet that Married to Medicine will be among the list. Among the persons who have featured in the series is Contessa Metcalfe. A lot of fans have had questions concerning this beautiful soul including details about her career.

This article also provides details about Contessa Metcalfe’s net worth. Further to this, the piece sheds light on the off-screen life of this celebrity because it does not shy from giving detail about Contessa Metcalfe’s husband and children. So who is Contessa Metcalfe?


Contessa Metcalfe is an American by nationality and belongs to the black ethnic group. She first came into existence on the 4th day of June 1976 which means that as of 2019, she is expecting to celebrate her 43rd birthday. Kansas City rooted in Missouri in the United States of America is the queen’s actual place of birth.

She is secretive in matters relating to her parents and siblings. However, it is reported that Contessa Metcalfe’s father nearly did away with her destiny as he was imprisoned while the star was pursuing a degree.

This delayed the completion of her studies as finances became a problem. Speaking of degree, it is essential to denote that Metcalfe attended Xavier University and later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in medicine from St. Louis University.  This was aided by her decision of joining Navy where she was lucky to secure a military scholarship.

After that, the queen was fortunate enough and became a flight surgeon. Concerning her height and weight, she is yet to convey any of these details to any reputable source or persons as of now. As for her hobbies, the lady enjoys traveling, motorcycle riding and going on trips with her family.


Contessa Metcalfe is one of the few individuals who began practicing their career upon completion of their studies. After graduating, she was consumed by the US Navy to work for them as a flight surgeon. This enabled her to later become a member of the National Naval Medical Centre.

Among the things that she has achieved about her medical career is the establishment of a medical concierge service titled Acute Face MD whose primary role is to provide robust VIP services to all the patients.

Essential to point out is that in her line of career she primarily focuses on preventative medicine and occupational therapy. In matters preventative medicine, she has been a patient of this as she suffered from abnormal mammograms for nearly ten years and she underwent a preventative surgery known as prophylactic mastectomy that saw both of her breast removed.

Also, her mother dying from breast cancer motivated her to engage in this specific field of medicine.

Image of Contessa Metcalfe from Married to Medicine show

Contessa Metcalfe from Married to Medicine show

Besides her career in medicine, Contessa Metcalfe has not been blind on other career opportunities. This is because she currently owns a flourishing Frozen Yoghurt Café earthed in Atlanta. Also, she has a well-performing career in real estate. In matters television, this began in 2017 where she became a main cast member of the Married to Medicine television series.

However, she has not been part of the show since it began. She only became part of the amazing time while the show was in its 5th season. With this you must be eager to unveil Contessa Metcalfe’s net worth, right?

Contessa Metcalfe Net Worth

There is no doubt that Contessa Metcalfe‘s net worth is enormous, but before unveiling this, it is right to first understand her annual income. The star’s salary has been estimated to be around $200,000 annually. As for her net worth, Contessa Metcalfe’s net worth has been estimated to being around $3 million as of 2019.

Image of Married to Medicine cast Contessa Metcalfe net worth is $3 million

Married to Medicine cast Contessa Metcalfe net worth is $3 million

Contessa Metcalfe Married to Her Husband. Meet Their Children

One of the things that cannot go unnoticed about the star is her outstanding beauty which makes many men desire to own the crown of being Contessa Metcalfe’s husband. Unfortunately for you but fortunately for the star and her beloved, the queen is enjoying a happy married life.  His husband identifies as Walter Scott Metcalfe.

Image of Contessa Metcalfe husband Walter Scott Metcalfe

Contessa Metcalfe husband, Walter Scott Metcalfe

Professionally, Contessa Metcalfe’s husband is a family medicine physician. Their career is an essential aspect of their relationship. This is because the duo met in a medical conference and did not hesitate to express their feeling towards one another.

Although the actual date is not known, it was in 2005 that the duo exchanged their wedding vows.  Before their wedding, the two enjoyed a long distance relationship. The queen has been able to bless her husband with three children identifying as Lauren, Laila, and Landon. So far, there have been zero marriage scandals between this couple. In a way, this suggests that all is well in their relationship or they know how to put their marriage issues away from the general public.

Image of Contessa Metcalfe kids

Contessa Metcalfe kids

Quick Summary of Contessa Metcalfe

Name Contessa Metcalfe
Age 43
Birthdate 4.06. 1976
Birthplace Kansas City, Missouri
Ethnicity Black
Nationality American
Career TV Personality, Doctor, Entrepreneur
Salary $200,000
Net worth $3 million
Husband Walter Scott Metcalfe
Children 3
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known

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