Mountain Men Tom Oar Wiki-Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Death

History Channel has been up with some reality series. Mountain Men is among the channel’s most exciting reality series which houses cast members such as Tom Oar. You don’t need to worry if you can barely explain a thing about this gentleman as this article has got you covered. Not only does it avail you with Tom Oar’s net worth but goes ahead to reveal the stars career journey.

I bet it must interest you to know the stars’ personal life. That is why we included all of his early childhood and more so Tom Oar’s wife and children in this great piece. We just need to get started.


Born and raised in Illinois rooted in the United States of America, Tom Oar is a television reality star. His age as of 2019 could be 75 because while some sources have indicated that he could be around the age of 70s as he was born in the mid-1940s, others have gone ahead and stated that the gentleman was born in 1943. However, the actual day and month which he was born to remain hidden.

In terms of nationality, the gentleman is an American, and concerning his ethnicity, he is white. Details about his family other than the fact that his father Chike Oar was also a lover of wilderness life and that he was raised alongside his brother Jack Oar are not known. Their father Chike Oar was once part of the Wild West show. It is a fact that the guy enjoys the primitive life which is challenging to live.

Sadly, we cannot unravel his early and educational information as well as specifications about his height and weight, but he is a tall guy. Having this background let us now proceed to the gentleman’s career to know more about Tom Oar’s net worth and earnings in general.


Tom Oar’s career began during his early twenties. Here, he worked on the rodeo circuit. However, his career in this niche was short lived since it got him permanent damage to his legs. The damage was as a result of his career, and it did not only affect his legs but his health as well.

Image of Tom Oar cast from Mountain Men show

Tom Oar from Mountain Men

Therefore, he resorted to a different career which was becoming a tanner. However, he did not rise to fame until when he featured in History Channel’s Mountain Men. He has been on the series since its beginning, and from the look of things, he is there to stay. Hence you can catch up with his wilderness life on this series.

Tom Oar Net Worth

According to net worth celebrity, Tom Oar’s net worth as of the beginning of 2019 is an estimated $200,000. The figure of his monthly, as well as his annual salary, are yet to be unveiled. It is just the start of the year and who knows Tom Oar’s net worth may experience some change. If I were you, I would keep it here to be the first to know of any changes about the guy’s income as well as his salary.

Image of Mountain Men cast Tom Oar net worth is $200,000

Mountain Men cast Tom Oar net worth is $200,000

Tom Oar Married, Wife and Children

 Yes, the star is married and has not kept the identity of his wife as a secret. Nancy Oar happens to be Tom Oar’s wife. Together they have been blessed with a child identifying as Chad Oar. The duo first met when Oar was a driver. Although their actual date of marriage remains a mystery, it is a fact that these two have been together for over forty years.

Initially, they were staying at Northern Illinois, but after the star left rodeo circuit, they moved to Troy where they remained for five years before moving to Montana where they stay current.

Image of Tom Oar with his wife Nancy Oar

Tom Oar with his wife, Nancy Oar

Notably, Tom Oar and his wife live in the remote land of Montana’s Yaak Valley. Just like the celebrity, Tom Oar’s wife is a lover of nature and the wilderness and primitive lifestyle. She o occasionally features in Mountain Men series.

This explains why during an interview, it was revealed that upon their arrival in Montana they lived for seventeen years in an area that was isolated from technology, electricity as well as running water. To date, the couple spends their time killing chickens and tanning beer.

Tom Oar Dead or Alive? What is he Doing now?

Well yes! Tom Oar is still alive. He is currently featuring in the Mountain Men television series. Consider catching up on this series on History Channel

Quick Summary about Tom Oar

Name Tom Oar
Age Around 70
Birthdate Mid 1940
Birthplace Illinois, USA
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Career TV Actor
Net worth $200,000
Wife Nancy Oar
Children 1
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known

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