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Airing on Bravo Channel, Married to Medicine is among the television series that features a number of beautiful souls. Toya Bush-Harris is among the beauty and brains featured in this show. In case you have been dying to find more information about this star like maybe Toya Bush-Harris’s net worth and career, keep reading this article as this detail is well captured in this piece.

Also, the article brings to you details of Toya Bush-Harris’ husband as well as her children. If this sounds exciting, let us waste no more minutes and get straight into the article which first equips you with a general understanding of who Toya Bush-Harris is and how her early life looked like.


Toya Bush-Harris is an American belonging to the black ethnicity. She has not come clear on her actual weight and height. The case is also similar in regards to her siblings and family. Perhaps, she is one of those celebrities who prefer keeping family issues away from the general public. It is however known that the lady attended Tennessee State University before enrolling at the University of Phoenix where she obtained her degree.

If you have been wondering about her age, well, the beauty is currently expecting to celebrate her 43rd birthday. This is because she was born on the 15th day of April 1976. Detroit rooted in Michigan in the United States of America happens to be her actual place of birth. Other than these brief details about her life, nothing more is known about the queen in regards to her early life.

However, you can consider checking up our site more in case we gather any valuable information about the queen. Alternatively, you can follow her on her social media pages mainly on Instagram and Twitter where she identifies as @toyabushharris.


Although the lady is presently a reality television star, this was not her first career. Her first career was immediately after she graduated from University. Here, she was fortunate to be employed by one of the pharmacies as a pharmaceutical representative.

Other than this, it has been pointed out that she at some point worked as an educator. Details about this are however hidden since it is not known on where she was conducting her educating services and on what topic she was educating about.

Image of Toya Bush-Harris from Married to Medicine show

Toya Bush-Harris from Married to Medicine show

Gradually, she joined the television world through the Bravo hit series Married to Medicine. The program has done many things to the star. To begin with, it has increased her fame as well as her popularity globally. Also, thanks to her employment at Married to Medicine, Toya Bush-Harris’ net worth, as well as her salary, has increased.

Now that we mentioned about her net worth, why don’t we just go straight into unveiling this information swell as the monthly income she pockets?

Before then, however, it is essential to point out that in 2018, the star published her first ever book titled Sleepyhead, Please Go to Head. This makes writing one of her careers.

Toya Bush-Harris Net Worth  

Toya Bush-Harris net worth The actual amount of salary that Toya earns has not yet been disclosed to the public. However, as of early 2019, Toya Bush-Harris’ net worth has been estimated as being $2 million.

Image of Married to Medicine cast Toya Bush-Harris net worth is $2 million

Married to Medicine cast Toya Bush-Harris net worth is $2 million

This is to mean that her career in the television world is serving her right. Influencing this is the fact that although all the above professions have an impact on Toya Bush-Harris’ net worth, much of her net worth emerges from her appearance on Married to Medicine.

Toya Bush-Harris Married Life with Husband and Children

For those that have been wondering. Yes! The queen is married. Toya Bush-Harris husband is not someone you don’t know. This is because he is part of Bravo hit series Married to Medicine. To save you from guesswork, Toya Bush-Harris’ husband identifies as Eugene Harris III. The gentleman is professionally a doctor hence his feature in the Married to Medicine reality series. Notably, he works as an emergency response doctor.

Image of Toya Bush-Harris with her husband Dr, Eugene Harris III

Toya Bush-Harris with her husband, Eugene Harris III

There are no details about how the couple met, their dating history and even their marriage. However, we know that they have lived as husband and wife for the longest time.

Source: Bravo

Caption: Toya Bush-Harris is married to her husband, Eugene Harris

As a couple, they have been lucky to be blessed with two children. Their two beautiful kids identify as Ashton and Avery. So far their relationship seems to be moving in the correct direction. Hopefully, this bond does not come to an end any time soon.

Image of Toya Bush-Harris kids

Toya Bush-Harris kids

Quick Facts about Toya Bush-Harris

Name Toya Bush-Harris
Age 43
Birthdate April 15, 1976
Birthplace Detroit, Michigan, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Career TV Personality
Net worth $2 million
Husband Dr. Eugene Harris III
Children 2
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known

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