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Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi is a woman known for her skills in the courtroom and Television screens.  Being a lawyer may be challenging since some may fight for justice, or others may seek to justify their ambitions. Anna has made an impressive record in the courtroom for her incredible ways of fighting for justice.

Learn more about whether Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi is married to husband and children or who is her spouse? Also details about Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi’s biography and family.

Who is Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi?

Anna-Sigga is a woman approximately in her mid forty’s. Her personal information is very scarce to the public. Our reliable sources reveal that she is of American nationality. Besides this, Nicolazzi is a former assistant District attorney of Kings County, New York.  Anna is also a top-notch TV personality and has made several appearances in TV shows like True Conviction, Did He Do It?, and Web of Lies.

Image of Anna Sigga Nicolazzi from TV show, True Conviction

Anna Sigga Nicolazzi from TV show, True Conviction

Anna has also not revealed the name of her parents or siblings to the public. Besides this, her education background from kindergarten to high school is not recognized.

Career, Early life

Anna began her career in her early 20s where she worked as an Assistant District Attorney of Kings County. For over 20 years, Anna took time to apply as a homicide public prosecutor in Brooklyn.

Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi is a graduate of the Brooklyn Law School and worked under Charles Hynes, who was the district attorney back then. In her career line, she has handled over 50 cases and surprisingly, won all of them. Her most recognized case was done in 2005 whereby she was carrying out a murder case involving John Guica and Antonio Russo, alleged gang members who were charged guilty of killing Mark Fisher.

Despite the case being fragile, Guica ended up being convicted. He had to be jailed for 12 years before being granted a new trial, bringing Anna-Sigga career in question. Later on, people speculated that the DA’s office in Brooklyn, despite all evidence availed in defense of John Guica ignored them in order to protect the image of their star prosecutor.

Years later, Guica was cleared of murder, but how Anna prosecuted his case will remain in the dark despite being considered as legendary. In her career in law, Anna has received the Thomas E. Dewey award for her exemplary record in the courtroom. Thomas E. Dewey is a famous politician who is known for being the governor of New York from 1 January 1943 to 1 January 1955.

Before pursuing her career in the TV broadcast, she was the Chief of Homicide Bureau when she left the office of the DA.

Her career in the broadcast media has been very successful. She has appeared in several reality TV shows, and her most popular one is the True Conviction.  The show was released in 2017 and focuses on investigative cases. It explores a series of murder trials across some courtrooms and garnered the reality star, Anna-Sigga some fame in the TV industry. Currently, Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi continues to work in the TV industry and some real cases.

Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi Net Worth

Reality Television is truly a lucrative career. If you appear on multiple occasions, the income is most likely to be higher. For Anna, she has done several TV shows and came out wealthy. What’s more, she has worked on over 50 cases and succeeded in most of them, proving that she made a good amount of cash in the courtroom. As of now, the accurate figure of her salary is unknown to the public. In addition, details of where she lives or her vehicles are not known.

Image of TV Personality, Anna Sigga Nicolazzi net worth is $8 million

TV Personality, Anna Sigga Nicolazzi net worth is $8 million

Anna-Sigga’s net worth is a whopping $8 million.

Is Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi Married? Who is Her Spouse?

Anna-Sigga knows how to maintain privacy. Despite her charming looks, there have been no reports as to whether she is married to a handsome husband or not. On top of that, no rumors have gone around whether she is dating or not.

Image of Anna Sigga Nicolazzi is currently single

Anna Sigga Nicolazzi is currently single

Anna-Sigga has no children, and currently, she seems to be focused on her career.

Measurements: Height and Weight

Anna-Sigga has a stunning body size and shape. For a woman her age, she has maintained a healthy body. However, accurate details of her body size and shape are not known to the public.  As mentioned earlier, Anna lives a very private life.


Anna Sigga has no children according to our records. She is not married too. Her net worth stands at $8 million and keeps on improving when she makes an appearance in courtrooms and TV shows.

Anna-Sigga Age, Wiki-Bio, Relationship, Family, Facts

Birth name Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi
Place of Birth USA
Age 48
Relationship status Single
Nationality American
Zodiac sign Unknown
Net worth $ 8 million
Death-o-Meter Alive

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