Steve Kroft Retires from 60 minutes. His Net Worth and Salary

Steve Kroft, a veteran American TV broadcast journalist and senior correspondent for 60 minutes will retire from the show on May 19, 2019. He will be retiring after the 30 th season of the show. He is multiple times winners of the highly prestigious Emmy Awards that also includes the Lifetime Emmy Awards in the year 2003.

Get to know more about the veteran and highly successful TV journalist, Steve Kroft through the following article which includes his wiki, retirements, net worth, salary and many more aspects of his remarkable journalist TV career.

Who is Steve Kroft? Wiki, Bio

As per his wiki, Steve Kroft was born on August 22, 1945, in Kokomo, Indiana USA. He is of American nationality having a white ethnic background.

Furthermore, Steve obtained his degree from the famous Syracuse University in 1967 before being drafted into the US Army in the Vietnam War. Likewise, he was the reporter for the Armed Forces Network. After retiring from the army in 1971, Kroft started his career by working as a reporter for WSYR TV network.

Steve also obtained his master degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in 1975. He later joined CBS News in 1980, His notable work for CBS came when he covered the U.S. invasion of Grenada as well as the civil war in El Salvador.

Moreover, his report on covering the death of Indira Gand which won him an Emmy Award. After a successful stint with CBS, he went to work for 60 minutes and made history by becoming the first American to given access to the contaminated grounds Chernobyl nuclear facility to cover the report. His report on the nuclear facility won the Emmy Award.

After several years of successful broadcasting journey, Steve Kroft said that he would officially retire from 60 Minutes on May 19, 2019.

Steve Kroft Retirement; Why is Steve Kroft Leaving 60 minutes?

Steve Kroft is retiring from the 60 Minutes after nearly three decades with the news agency. He covered over 500 stories on the show. He is the longest-serving journalist in the history of 60 Minutes. Kroft will quit the show after the conclusion of the 30 the season.

Image of Steve Kroft from the TV series, 60 Minutes

Steve Kroft from the TV series, 60 Minutes

According to him, the reason for his retirement as he was not getting any younger with time. Moreover, he wanted to pursue other endeavours in life. Furthermore, Steve will feature on 60 Minutes which will be aired on September 8, 2019, in a one-hour special program dedicated to his long and illustrious career.

Steve Kroft Net worth and Salary

Steve Kroft has earned a tremendous amount of fortune from his successful TV broadcasting career. Hence, it should come as of no surprise that Steve Kroft ‘s net worth is at $25 million as of 2019. He is one of the highest-paid and wealthiest journalists in the world.

Image of Journalist, Steve Kroft net worth is $25 million

Journalist, Steve Kroft net worth is $25 million

Similarly. As per reports conducted by the Celebrity Net Worth, Steve Kroft’s annual salary is a massive $7 million per year. With his accumulated earnings and enormous net worth, it is assured that Kroft will enjoy a happy and blissful retirement life.

He is currently living in an expensive multi-million dollar property in Sag Harbour, New York alongside his wife, Jennet Conant. Steve Kfrot’s wife, Jennet Conant is also a journalist and writer by profession.

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