Who is Alexandra Grant? Is She Keanu Reeves Girlfriend? Her Wiki, Bio

It has been quite a bit since the Keanu Reeves fever infected everyone on the internet. I mean, can you blame people for making Keanu Reeves the internet’s boyfriend? The never-aging handsome Keanu Reeves is filled with only wise words and kind actions. Even at 55 years of age, Keanu is undeniably the most eligible bachelor celebrity, or so we thought.

Keanu Reeves New Girlfriend!!!

Reeves has shocked everyone as he officially introduced his girlfriend to the world. YES, in the LACMA art and film festival red carpet, Reeves was hiding nothing anymore as he walked on it alongside girlfriend Alexandra Grant.

Grant 46, is an LA-based artist who has been long friends with Keanu Reeves. The two met and developed a professional relationship ever since Grant provided illustrations for Keanu Reeves’ book called ‘Ode to Happiness’ in early 2011. They went on to collaborate once again, publishing a second book together titles ‘Shadows’ in 2016. It was announced in 2017 that Reeves and Grant founded X Artist Books or XAB, a small publishing company.

Image of Keanu Reeves with his girlfriend Alexandra Grant

Keanu Reeves with his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant

Keanu and Alexandra had also walked the red carpet together in 2016 for Art Basel 2016 at the UNAIDS Gala in Basel, Switzerland. However, they seem to lack any physical contact, which was not the case this time around. It seemed as though the couple never let go of each other even once throughout the red carpet event.

Who is Alexandra Grant, Keanu Reeves Girlfriend?

Alexandra is a pretty well-known artist herself, having worked with big names like Michael Joyce, Channing Hansen, and Hélène Cixous. Her official website says that she is an artist who likes to portray text and language into her art, which varies from sculptures to paintings and drawings. She, through her art, tries to show how linguistics affects our thinking process and judgment.

Image of Actor, Keanu Reeves

Actor, Keanu Reeves

Alexandra was born in Fairview Park, Ohio, but spent much of her childhood and adolescent years in Mexico, France, and Spain. She is not just an artist but also a philanthropist. She is the founder of the grantLOVE project, which sells artworks benefitting original artists without taking any profit.

So we can see how an insightful and artistic person will catch the eyes of the kind and intellectual Keanu Reeves. Alexandra indeed broke the hearts of millions of people crushing on her boyfriend right now. But we are happy to Keanu Reeves happy with someone with a painful and lonely past like him.

Things Changing for Keanu:)

It has been 20 years since Keanu Reeves has introduced his girlfriend to the media and first time in 35 years of his Hollywood career that he walked the red carpet with a date.

Everybody who loves Keanu Reeves knows that his last known relationship was with the former girlfriend, Jennifer Syme. Jennifer was an aspiring actress who was even pregnant with Keanu’s child, but at eight months, she gave birth to a stillborn daughter, they wanted to name Ava in December 1999. They split after the heartbreaking tragedy but on good terms and as good friends. So how cruel was Keanu’s fate that on April 2, 2001, he will also lose Jennifer in a car crash?

So maybe it’s finally time Keanu Reeves get the happiness that he deserves. Maybe the karma of all the good deeds he has done is finally coming back to him. We wish the newly public couple the best of luck in their love life.

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