John Heilemann married life with wife, any children? His net worth, bio

Who is John Heilemann

John Heilemann is one of the most famous journalists and political analysts in the present day. He is most known for his political analysis on NBC and MSNBC. He is also an anchor and hosts a popular show, ‘With All Due Respect.’

John is also the co-author of the books, Double Down and Game Change, which are about presidential campaigning. He co-authored the books with Mark Halperin. He has worked for various magazines as a staff writer and been an editor on New York Magazine and too.

John Heilemann Net Worth, Salary and MSNBC

John Heilemann is a man of tenacious nature and a firm believer in hard work. The position he is in today is what he got after a lot of more straightforward jobs he went through. He was a staff writer when he got out of school and then became an editor and then finally joined Bloomberg in 2014 as a channel show host.

John is the co-author of books, Double down, and Game change; also, he is the author of the book Pride Before the Fall. He is pretty famous for those books, and he has the right amount of fan following too. He is a popular TV personality, also.

Image of American Journalist, John Heilemann

American Journalist, John Heilemann

From all those jobs and the royalties from his books must give him quite a sum. The earning/salary he gets from the shows aren’t made public, but his net worth in 2018 was approximately $1 million.

But at the time of writing this post in 2019, his net worth is already $2 million. So, this shows his popularity and his skills as an analyst. John must be getting a lot of invites on different shows as a political analyst for the 2020 presidential poll.

Is John Heilemann Married? Meet his Wife. Any Children?

John is a married man, and his wife’s name is Dana Rhoten. John and Dana got married in 2006, and they live in Manhattan, New York. He is a very private person and does not reveal anything about his personal life. From the looks of his social media presence, he doesn’t seem to have any kids as of 2019. But he does have two dogs, and he seems to love them a great deal. Both are labrador breed.

John Heilemann Wife Diana R. Rhoten Wiki, Bio

Diana, much like her husband, has kept her date of birth and childhood a mistery. Hence, her age is also unknown. She doesn’t have any kids as of 2019, and she and John had their wedding in 2006 following a long time relation.

Image of John Heilemann with his wife Diana R. Rhoten

John Heilemann with his wife Diana R. Rhoten

Diana got her bachelor’s degree in relations and affairs from Brown University. She got her masters in international education from Harvard University, where she most likely met John. Even after getting her masters, she still was pushing on education as she did MA in organized sociology at Stanford Univerity.

She also got her Ph.D. in international and comparative education from Standford University.

Diana has her own professional career, but she is mostly known as John Heilemann’s wife. She is in advisory boards of Cornwell University, school of industrial & labor relations. She also joined IDEO in 2014 as an associate partner and right now is the managing director of the IDEO New York branch.

Diana’s net worth is unknown as she doesn’t reveal her earning.

John Heilemann Age, Family, Wiki, Bio, Height

John was born on January 23. 1966 and as of 2019, he is 53 years old. He is a very private person and doesn’t reveal any information about his childhood or his family. But he was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up there.

John first started his career as a staff writer for magazines like The Economist, The New Yorker, and Wired. After that, he worked as an editor for New York Magazine and He later joined Bloomberg in 2014 as an anchor/host.

John’s height is 6ft 4inch which he didn’t reveal himself and might not be accurate.

Fast Fact

  • John is a fan of the hip-hop group Wu-Tang clan.
  • He co-authored the book Double Down and Game Change.
  •  He is the host of four-part documentary series, Download: the true story of the internet.
  • John got his master’s degree from John F. Kennedy School Of Government at Harvard University.
  • Heilemann is one of the most influential journalists on a political matter; his words as a political analyst are held in high regard.

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