Tami Roman’s Husband Reggie Youngblood and Their Married Life

Reggie Youngblood is an entrepreneur who has come into fame thanks to his girlfriend Tami Roman. Tami was previously married to NBA player Kenny Anderson but split with him in 2001. Reggie and Tami started dating in 2013 and have been going strong since.

The couple has appeared together in several TV shows and they are most known for their appearance on the show Marriage BootCamp: Reality Stars. In that show, the couple revealed their vulnerable side and how they wanted to be together but other people’s comments made it harder for them. By the time the show had ended people had come to understand their love.

Reginald Youngblood Wiki, Bio

Born as Reginald Youngblood, Reggie is currently 32 years old. He was born on May 20, 1987, in Houston, Texas. Reggie spent his childhood and teen years in Houston going through elementary, middle, and high school. Names of the schools he attended have not been disclosed anywhere and are not available on the internet.

As for higher education, he attended the University of Miami. Reggie was an active and very good American-football player. He played for and with his college for four years and was considered a strong NFL prospect. But due to an injury he suffered, he had to stop playing football completely.

Reggie Youngblood Career

After suffering from an injury and becoming unable to play football, he began operating a trucking company once he graduated. USA lost an awesome NFL prospect but gained an entrepreneur. Reggie did have to struggle his way but has now established himself as a successful trucking company. His height of 6ft  5 inches made him fit really well in the football game but his injury denied him the glory.

Image of Entrepreneur, Reggie Youngblood

Entrepreneur, Reggie Youngblood

Reggie is not just Tami’s boyfriend, he is a man-made by himself. Though, the fame that came along with Tami definitely helped him in establishing his business by getting fans as customers.

Reggie and Tami

Reggie and Tami met in 2013 and fell in love with each other. They started dating not long after and were as happy together as they are today. While there have been some cloudy and some sunny days, Reggi and Tami are very happy together.

Before dating Reggie Tami was married to NBA player Kenny Anderson but split in 2001. It is not known if Tammi had been in a relationship between 2001 and 2013.

Image of Reggie Youngblood with his wife Tami Roman

Reggie Youngblood with his wife Tami Roman

Tami and Reggie were planning to have a baby and in 2015 Tami announced her pregnancy. She was pregnant with Reggie’s baby, but she had a miscarriage. It happened after the 10th week of pregnancy. Tami said,

“I am deeply saddened that after 10.5 weeks, we suffer this loss, we knew this would be an uphill battle. We were up against the odds. I have a prolapsed uterus and am diabetic. I battle bouts of hypoglycemia due to my diabetes and my blood pressure continually ran high. We were prayerful, we had and still have faith. We are not giving up.”

The couple has appeared together in several TV shows, Celebrity Wife Swap, Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars and finally, they appear together in Tami ever after. The couple doesn’t yet have a child together but they are planning to and are not gonna give up.

Regi and Tami Marriage

Though many may not know, Reggie and Tami are married to each other. They tied the know in Las Vegas on 17 August 2018. Reggie wanted to marry and Tami wanted to make her man happy. Their relationship has always been good and marriage just puts a stamp of justification on it.

They got married secretly and only revealed the big news earlier this year. We wish Reggie and his wife a belated happy married life anyway.

Reggie Youngblood Net Worth

Reggie is an entrepreneur and has a good income from his trucking company. While his wife Tami Roman has a net worth of $800k as a TV star, he has also managed to gather $200k in net worth from his trucking business.

Youngblood has now started actively playing in TV shows and is gaining popularity, so his net worth is bound to grow more with time as his fame increases.

Reggie Youngblood Fast Facts

  • Reggie is 17 years younger than Tami.
  • He used to play American-Football in college.
  • Reggie was a strong NFL prospect during his four years at the University of Miami.
  • Youngblood had to stop playing football due to an injury he sustained while playing the game.
  • He owns a successful trucking company.
  • Reggie and Tami’s first attempt at having a kid ended up in miscarriage.

Reggie Youngblood Wiki-Bio: Married, Net Worth, Wife

Name Reggie Youngblood
Date of Birth May 20, 1987
Education University of Miami
Profession Entrepreneur, own a trucking business
Spouse Tami Roman
Children None
Net Worth $200,000
Height 6ft 5 inches
Zodiac/Star sign Taurus
Ethnicity African-American

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