Who is Savannah Robinson from American pickers?

Savannah Robinson is a beautiful lady who appeared in episode eight of season eighteen. Savannah is the granddaughter of Bill Robinson, who is considered the father of Model-A Ford cars. She is the one who contacted American Pickers and called them to her family-owned shop to help her mom move on from the past.

Stay with us to know more about Savannah Robinson from American Pickers, the Model-A beauty.

Savannah Robinson Early Life

Savannah is the granddaughter of Bill Robinson and Betty Robinson. Bill specialized as a mechanic in Model A and Model T Ford cars as a hobby. Vanessa is Savannah’s mother, and she appeared in the episode along with Savannah, as Vanessa is the new owner of the business after Bill.

It is unknown what school Savannah attended, but she was born and raised in Alexandria, Illinois. Savannah was born in the late 80s, but her exact birth date is unknown. The whole Robinson family used to travel around the country in the Model-A cars they owned.

Image of Savannah Robinson with her mother Vanessa

Savannah Robinson with her mother, Vanessa

We can assume Savannah has a bachelor’s degree of some kind as she mentions paying off College during the episode. But, we do not know what her actual education qualifications are unknown. Most likely, she attended a college in her locality in Alexandria.

Savannah used to appear in modeling competition where her grandmother Betty Robinson helped her. The competition was about dressing appropriately for the generation of the car being driven. And she has won all such competition she entered with her grandma Betty.

Savannah Robinson Family Business

Savannah grew up in her home at 768 Linwood Rd # D, Alexandria, IN 46001, where her family business is also located. Her grandfather Bill Robinson was born in the 1920s, but the family business currently handled by Vanessa was only started in 1972.  Bill used to work with Model-A and Model-T as a hobby before that.

When Vanessa was younger, at around 16, she used to work as a hairdresser. She didn’t think she would be working with and for Model-A cars, selling the parts and vehicles. BJ’s Model A is the name of the Shop the Robinson family owns. The shop has almost all the parts for Model A and is one of the few remaining Model A shops in the whole country. Vanessa was born in the 1960s, but none of the Robinson family member’s exact date of birth is available.

While Savannah herself isn’t very knowledgable about Model A cars and parts, she does help out in the shop. She does simple tasks like finding pieces that are named and handing them to customers. Also, she handles the register and takes care of the transactions, as well. Savannah started helping out in the shop before her grandfather died in 2011.

Bill is a great parent and grandparent, as he wanted a part of his legacy to go to all his offsprings. Model A cars which have been Bill’s passion for life, he made sure to pass on at least one car to every family member.

Savannah Robinson Dating and Daily Life

Savannah appeared in the TV show American Pickers season 18 episode eight, and she had screen time of about 1 minute only. And due to her lack of presence in social media platforms, it is tough to know what her current relationship status is.

But what we know is that Vanessa, Savannah’s mother, is in a relationship and has a boyfriend who also makes a brief appearance in the episode. Since we do not know for sure what Savannah’s relationship status is, here’s a little headcanon. It is based on the hints present in the episode, but we hope you guys take it with a grain of salt.

Savannah, during the episode, while pitching for her car, mentions ‘taking care of the kids,’ which means she has kids. It also means she must have had a serious relationship to have kids, or she has been married in the past. While this might not be the case, Savannah never mentioned any man being involved in her life. She was focused on establishing herself and providing for her kid’s hinting the absence of a husband figure in her life.

Perhaps, Savannah isn’t dating right now, or she might be, we cannot know it for certain until she confirms anything herself. Either way, she has most likely been in a relationship in the past, which at least establishes her sexual orientation is straight.

Savannah Robinson Net Worth

Savannah is from a wealthy family, while her family doesn’t appear very rich in the show, the value of family’s possession stretches to millions.

Vanessa, the current head of the family and the owner of the shop, owns some very rare artifacts. Well, they are Model-A cars but nothing less of an artifact as the only piece in the world. One such piece is the Canadian made truck whose body was customized by COMMEROTAE MOTORBODY and CARRIAGES. Vanessa claims it is the single piece left in the world and values it at $35k, which is frankly a low price for one of a kind in the whole world.

Moving on to Savannah, she has also inherited a Model-A car from her grandfather. She got the 1931 Model A 400, which is a pretty rare car to find. Model-A cars were only produced from the year 1927 to 1931. So, the 1931 model is as advanced as Model-A is going to get. For the 1931 A400, Savannah values it at $50k.

From what Savannah says in the episode, we can assume she has no property and also doesn’t owns a house. Also, Savannah is in debt as she has to pay off her college, as well. So, assuming the 1931 A400 is the only possession Savannah owns, her net worth might be somewhere around $30k. After deducting around $20k from her student loan, which is the average student loan amount in the US. Hence, $30k.

Savannah Robinson Fast Fact

  • Savannah was born in the late 1980s.
  • She grew up playing around the Model-A cars in her home.
  • Savannah owns a 1931 A 400 Ford model.
  • Savannah’s family owns a horse barn.
  • She has one child.
  • She has attended college.

Savannah Robinson Wiki

Name Savannah Robinson
Birth year Late 1980s
Parents Vanessa Robinson (Mother)
Father unknown
Grandparents Bill Robinson (Grandfather)
Betty Robinson (Grandmother)
Relationship status Undisclosed
Children One
Name undisclosed
Net Worth $30k
Height 1.55m (5ft 1 inch)

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