Meet Paul Manafort and Learn about his Wife, Children, Net Worth & Wiki-Like Bio

Have you ever watched movies like ‘Conspiracy Theory’, ‘Body of Lies’ and ‘The Whistleblower’ about conspiracy and wrongful acts by big bureaucrats and government officials? All of them are great movies that tell fictional stories but what happens when they turn into real life stories. A man who has come time and again into the light for being associated with such wrongful international ties is Donal Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort.

He is a well-known lawyer, Political consultant, and lobbyist who is famous for both the right and wrong reasons. Find out exactly what and also find out about his net worth and wiki bio. Does he have a wife? If so then learn about her married life.

Paul Manafort’s Wife and Children:

Yes, Paul Manafort is indeed married and his wife is Kathleen Manafort.

Kathleen Manafort and her husband Paul Manafort

Paul Manafort and his wife Kathleen Manafort

We do not have the intricate details on the married life of Paul Manafort but he has 2 children. His children are both daughters who are the writer and director Jessica Manafort age 34 and Andrea Manafort age 31.

Andrea Manafort: Daughter of Paul Manafort

Paul Manafort’s daughter Andrea Manafort

His daughter Jessica Manafort is married to a real estate developer Jeffery Yohai. Apparently, Jessica’s messages stated commands to let the Ukraine security forces to use extreme force and measures to clear out the protestors. The cause of the protest itself was in disagreement of being more dependent on Western forces instead of Russia.

Paul Manafort’s Net Worth:

Paul Manafort bad guy or not obviously has an eye for financial endeavors. Like mentioned he ran the 2016 Presidential election for Donald Trump and Trump against all odds won the election. So, he has to be credited for his work as a political consultant. Also, he is a lobbyist who not only does work for big Wall Street businessman but bigger international tyrants and dictators.

He has been exposed for having ties with these internationally infamous people like a 1million dollar contract, for now, deceased dictator and president of Congo, Mobutu Sese Seko. He also has been reported to have other such lobbying contracts like of 900,000 dollars with Ferdinand Marcos and 600,000 dollars with Jonah Savimbi. He is also set to have gotten $10 million contracts with Oleg Deripaska one of his Russian ties and 12.7 million dollars for his association with former president Viktor Yanukovych of Ukraine.

So all in all money or blood money Paul Manforth has earned up quite an income for himself. He is estimated to have a net worth of around 50 million dollars but he can lose it all if any ongoing investigations prove successful.

Paul Manafort’s Wiki Bio:

Paul Manford was born on April 1, 1949, in New Britain, Connecticut, USA to mother Antoinette Marie and his late father Paul J. Manafort. He attained his Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Georgetown University and Juris Doctor Degree from Georgetown University Law School. His grandfather was an Italian immigrant and his father was in the US army.


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