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Brooke Valentine is the kind of lady who bears a heart of courage. She never knew her life would ever end up in the books of fame. Her love for music was inborn, but her leap into success was equally orchestrated by sheer luck. Let’s get to know who Brooke Valentine is through the following paragraphs. You shall get to discover what her net worth is, her measurements, her wiki bio, who she is dating and her son.


Brooke Valentine was born on October, 5th, 1984, in Houston Texas. Her birth name is Kanesha Nichole Brookes. She was born first amongst her two other siblings, instilling a sense of responsibility early in her life. Brooke discovered her love for music at an early age, where she would pick up an opportunity to sing to anyone willing to listen at home and in school. The more she did it, the more her passion for music grew.


Brooke’s passion for music continued to her high school, and after finishing she joined a music group that kept her fire burning.  She kept singing in the group, with no much progression into bigger things. One day lady luck struck without her knowledge.

Deja, a famous music producer who owned the infamous, Subliminal Entertainment, was in the same mall with her. Brooke had a nice looking friend, and Deja wanted to know much about her. So, he approached Brooke to get to know more about her friend. Brooke had no idea who he was, but she was very nice to him. It was after some more meetings that Brooke knew who he was.

Brooke quickly introduced her passion to the music production mogul. At the first instance, he thought Brooke was a joker. Brooke proved him otherwise. Deja booked her first record break. Virgin Records gave her a recording contract in 2003.

She began rolling out her music, starting with her first single, Girlfight, which also featured big artists like Lil Jon and Big Boi. The song rose to the tops of the music charts propelling Brooke to unbelievable heights of fame and net worth.

Brooke now decided to build an album which she let out in 2005, called, Chain Letter. Again with the power of collaboration, she featured popular music artists as, Lil Jon and Jermaine Dupri. Again, the album was an all-time hit.

Her music career was nearly brought to an end by virgin records when they were merging with her producer. Her long-time mentor Deja came to her rescue and bought her song off Virgin records, later releasing it. The album was a non-starter, and she never reaped much from it.

It is later in 2012 that she rejuvenated her energies and with the help of Deja she was again able to release a song called Insanity. She went on to work on her other album that propelled her again to the top of the charts due to a song in it called, Don’t Wanna Be in Love.

Image of Brooke Valentine from Love and Hip Hop show

Brooke Valentine from Love and Hip Hop show

Her resilience never went unnoticed. The producers of the VH1 show, Love & Hip Hop, came knocking in 2014. She was not successful in getting a slot in the show, but this did not dampen her spirits. In 2016, she worked hard to release three very famous singles that hit the airwaves with a bang.

It was in 2017 that the love and hip hop, producers invited her to appear in the show after a long wait. Brooke’s career is a story of sheer resilience and patience.

Brooke Valentine Net Worth.

The star’s main source of income is her music career. She has, of course, sold thousands of her singles and albums across America, earning her lots of money. Brooke Valentine’s net worth is $500,000.

Image of American Singer, Brooke Valentine net worth is $500,000

American Singer, Brooke Valentine net worth is $500,000

It is obvious that her entrance into TV also comes with a good negotiated package with the producers of the love & hip hop show.

Who is Brooke Valentine dating? Her boyfriend and children

Brooke had once dated a man by the name Akbar Abdul-Ahad, but their relationship never lasted. She is dating a fellow music artist, Marcus Black, who has engaged her.

Brooke had a son from her earlier relationships called, London. She has come out to say that her son suffers from cerebral palsy, a condition that sometimes keeps her grounded at home.


Body measurements: height and weight

Brooke is 5 ft. 2inches tall. Her weight measure is not well known.

Image of Model, Brooke Valantine height is 5 feet 2 inches

Model, Brooke Valentine height is 5 feet 2 inches

Full name Brooke Valentine
Nickname Kanesha Nichole Brookes
Date of birth (age) October 5, 1984 (34 Years)
Birthplace Houston, Texas
Net worth $500,000
Mother Not known
Father Not known
Ethnicity/Race Black
Career Singer-songwriter
Nationality American
Marital status Engaged
Children 1 son (London)
Boyfriend Marcus Black
Height 5’2″ 
Weight Not known

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