Who is Tremaine Jackson? Wiki, Bio, Fraud Charges, Kidnapping

Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper, Jackson was arrested on Tuesday following the crimes of kidnapping and fraud charges, sex-related crimes as per the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The 43 year Arizona state trooper was arrested after the investigating complaints made from the public.

Scroll down the article to know more former,  Arizona state trooper, Tremaine Jackson through the following bio, which includes fraud charges, kidnapping, and many more.

Who is Tremaine Jackson? Wiki, Bio

Tremaine Jackson was born in the United States of America. He is of American nationality. As per wiki, he is currently 43 years of age. So we assume he was born in the year 1976.

There is no information about his parents and siblings details and background. Likewise, his educational, as well as academic qualifications, is also missing.

However, we know that Tremaine Jackson is a 13-year veteran of an Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper. He has recently been posted in the Metro Motor Division before being arrested on 10 September 2019.

Tremaine Jackson Accusations; Sex-related, Fraud

Tremaine Jackson is currently facing criminal charges mainly sex-related like attempted sexual assault, unlawful sexual conduct, sexual extortion, and harassment. Other than that he is also charged with fraud, kidnapping, wrongful imprisonment and tampering with public records. The following charges were said by from DPS authority in the news conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Image of Tremaine Jackson charges of sexual abuse, sexual extortion, kidnapping, harassment and fraud

Tremaine Jackson charges of sexual abuse, sexual extortion, kidnapping, harassment and fraud

Tremaine was fired from the job following his arrest on Tuesday. According to the DPS director, Colonel Frank Milstead, he stated that Jackson was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in the summer during a traffic stop and was given administrative leave. Following the incident, an investigation was carried out, which led to eight victims of Tremaine Jackson to come out to register their complaint.

Furthermore, officials believe that Tremaine gave heavy leniency to women whom he stopped for traffic violations for sexual favors. Likewise, he would also detain several women even if they had not committed any traffic-related violations.

Similarly, he is suspected further for tampering with department citations and worksheets for his own purpose. As of now, the investigation is going on. It is expected that the ex Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper will be taken into custody and booked in the Maricopa County Fourth Avenue Jail on Tuesday.

The officials also believe that there will be further victims of Jackson who has not come forward. The Public Safety Department has also opened an online complaint form designed for victims to get in touch with investigators.

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