Steve V. Roberts Bio; Net Worth, Married Life and Children of the Late Cookie Roberts’ Husband

Many people nowadays do not believe in true love because they think it is a matter of fairytales. But all you have to do is look at your grandparents who have been married for long to know true love. You can also look at the married life of the late Cookie Roberts. You must not be aware of her relationship with her husband, Steve Roberts. Well, get ready to believe in genuine love as we give you insights from their marriage and family life with children.

Also, while you are here also take a look at his net worth from his wiki-bio.

Who is Steve V. Roberts? Wiki, Bio

Steve V. Roberts is the husband of Cookie Roberts and the father of her children, but you already knew that. Roberts is also a journalist like his wife, but I think he will agree when we say that he is lesser-known in the field than his wife. He is also a professor but more famous for him co-works with wife Cookie Roberts.

Steve Roberts was born on 11th February 1943 in Bayonne which lies in the Hudson country of New Jersey. He is a Harvard graduate with an Arts degree in Government. He was immediately picked to work for The New York Times post-graduation perhaps due to his impressive work as the editor of his college newspaper, The Harvard Crimson. Even there he was quickly promoted from research assistant to Washington DC’s bureau chief.

Steve V. Roberts Net Worth

We could go on and on about his career from here. He worked for US News and World Report continuing as the contributing editor till date. Roberts also appeared as a political pundit for ABC Radio, CNN, Washington Week in Review and Hardball with Chris Matthews. He also has associations with National Public Radio (NPR) where his wife is a prized journalist at. His net worth for his journalism career alone must be a substantial amount.

Unfortunately, Steve V Roberts’ net worth is still under review. But net worth is not always defined by numbers, his career alone establishes it to an impressive figure. We have barely talked about his career as a professor for George Washington University in the subject of political communication. He also has worked with the NY times for over 25 years.

Steve V. Roberts Married to Wife Cookie Roberts, Their Children

Steve V. Roberts was a lucky man who was married to wife Cookie Roberts until her recent death. They were married a long-long time considering it to be around 53 years. He met his wife in the 1962 summer when he was 19 and she, just 18 years of age. We don’t know more details on their dating or married life but is it even important? It sounds like a fairytale marriage anyway.

They only had two children together, Rebecca and Lee but had a litter of 6 grandchildren. Their daughter Rebecca also followed in her mother and father’s footsteps to become a journalist. After graduating from Princeton with a degree in political science, she even worked for NPR as well as BBC.

Image of Cokie Roberts husband Steve Roberts

Cokie Roberts husband Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts not only got to enjoy personal married life with his longtime wife but also professional career. They worked together on many publications including the news column, ‘USA Weekend’ and the book, ‘From This Day Forward.’ They were co-writing an op-ed as well days before she died about President Donald Trump.

Steve Roberts’ Wife Cookie Roberts Died from Breast Cancer

We are terribly sorry to people who were here for just this part of the news to keep you waiting. But we decided on sharing the sad and tragic story the last. Steve Robert’s Wife, Cookie Roberts passed away on September 17 from complications in her breast cancer.

She was 75 years old and a respected journalist with a career spanning well over 40 years. The Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Famer was also recognised for prioritising her family and relationships.

Image of Steve Roberts late wife Cokie Roberts

Steve Roberts late wife Cokie Roberts

President of ABC News, James Goldston stated Cookie’s influence and contributions, especially as a woman in a man’s world when it came to journalism. Former POTUS Barrack Obama also shared condolences and couldn’t help state her feminist influence in journalism as well. Truly, Cookie Roberts will never be forgotten in the history of American journalism

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