Mark Spitz Married life with Wife Suzy Weiner & Their Children

We all know Michael Phelps as the fastest swimmer of our generation. But even he was the successor to the previously set record of fellow American swimmer Mark Spitz. He was one of the most renowned swimmers at one point in time. Check out what he is doing now?

Is he married? Who is his wife? What about children? Find out right here along with his net worth and bio.

Who is Mark Spitz?

Mark Spitz is an American Swimmer. He is one of the most decorated athletes in history. Mark has a total of 24 golds under his name. Nine are from the Olympics; five are from Pan American Games and ten from Maccabiah Games.

He was the first athlete to win seven gold medals in a single Olympics event. Mark held this record for decades until finally American swimmer Michael Phelps Finally broke his career record in 2008.

Mark Spitz Net Worth and Earnings

Spitz retired on the peak of his career as a swimmer, but according to him, there wasn’t much career to be had in swimming as an athlete back then. In 1972 after the Munich Olympics, he retired. He got $50k in that date to pose in star-and-stripe swimming trunks by Stern Magazine.

Image of American Athlete, Mark Spitz

American Athlete, Mark Spitz

Mark even had some very lucrative endorsement deals after the 1972 Olympics for which he was the national hero. He got a staggering $7 million in 2 years from those deals.

But with time, his fame was dissolving, and as it happened, he got into real-estate business around the Beverly Hills area. Mark made a good earning from that venture as well. He made a million dollars, which he revealed in an interview.

Mark has ventured into different sectors trying different things, and his net worth as of 2019 is approximate between $20 million and $25 million. Most of his net worth is from a large number of endorsements he gets from many brands as fans still love him. Mark is also earning quite a bit like a motivational speaker and gives about 25 lectures in a year.

Is Mark Spitz married? Meet Wife Suzy and their Children

Yep, Mark Spitz is a happily married man. He married his long-time girlfriend, Suzy Weiner. Mark and Suzy were since after the 1968 Olympics. But after Spitz retired from competitive swimming in 1972 after the Olympics, they decided to get married.

They got married on May 6, 1973. Suzy was a theatre student in UCLA and a part-time model. She was the daughter of one of Mark’s father’s business acquaintances. He has lived in California since getting married. Mark has two sons with Suzy, Matthew, and Justin.

Image of Mark Spitz with his wife Suzy Spitz

Mark Spitz with his wife, Suzy Spitz

Matthew was born in October 1981 and was at one point getting into golfing. Not much information is available about Matthew right now except, he is single. He was registered as a pro golfer in 2008, and his career earning is only $36.67, according to his minor league golf profile. He is currently 38 years of age.

Image of Mark Spitz teaches his son Matthew how to hit a baseball

Mark Spitz teaches his son Matthew how to hit a baseball

Justin is the second son Mark Spitz, born on September 19, 1991. He is currently 28 years of age. Justin is a member of the Stanford swim team.

Mark Spitz’s Wife, Suzy

Suzy Weiner’s birth name is Susan Ellen Weiner. She was a theatre student at UCLA and a part-time model. She is also an actress who has played in a few movies in her time. All the films she has acted in were from before she got married to Mark.

The Miek Douglas Show (1961), V.I.P-Schaukel(1971), and Emergency! (1972) Include a few of her appearances. Suzy focused on being a wife after she got married to Mark.

Mark Spitz Age, Family, Wiki, Bio


Mark Spitz was born on 10th February 1950, Modesto, CA. He was an outstanding swimmer from an early age. His parents, mother Leonore Sylvia and father Arnold Spitz, moved to Honolulu, Hawaii.

Mike would swim at the Waikiki beach every day. “You should have seen that little boy dash into the ocean. He’d run like he was trying to commit suicide,” Mark’s mother told a reporter for Times in 1968 after the Mexico Olympics. Mark is the eldest of the three children of the family, but there is no information on his siblings.

Childhood and Career as a Swimmer

Mark trained with coach Sherm Chavoor at the age of nine after his parents moved to Sacramento while he was six. At the age of ten, he held one age-group world record and 17 national records under his belt. When his family moved to Santa Clara in 1964, he trained under coach George F. Haines, in Santa Clara swim club. Mark graduated from Santa Clara High-school (1964 to 1968)

By this time, Mark had several world records in his name and a feeling of dissatisfaction from not being able to win six golds in the 1968 Olympics. After the Olympics, he chose to attend Indiana University as a pre-dental student. In this university, he trained under the coach who coached him during the Mexico City Olympics of 1968, coach Doc Counsilman.

When Mark went into the 1972 Olympics, he hadn’t yet graduated. He went to the Olympics and won seven gold medals, which in itself was a world record. But he also set a world record time in all the seven events he had participated in and won.

Mark’s record of winning seven gold medals in a single Olympic stood for several decades but was later taken by Michael Phelps in 2008. Mark retired after the 1972 Olympics, at the peak of his swimming career.

Mark Spitz is currently 69 years old. His birth name is Mark Andrew Spitz

Mark is one of the cleanest athletes. He has no controversies on his name or any incident portraying his name in a bad light.

What is He doing now?

Mark is currently working as a motivational speaker. He gives about 25  lectures in a year. He has moved to private equity from being a stockbroker in 2002, according to an interview. Mark is also trying to get into the Water Bottling business along with his partner. He is waiting for the negotiations to come through, which he revealed in the same interview.

Fun Facts about Mark Spitz

  • Mark Spitz is of Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity.
  • He held the world record for the shortest time on 400 meter freestyle relay.
  • Spitz was the first person to win seven gold medals in a single Olympic event.
  • Mark set eight world records for one Olympic event.
  • Mark has won twenty-four gold, one silver, and one bronze in his career as a competitive swimmer.
  • He is an Aquarius.
  • Mark is in multiple Hall of fame, like International Swimming Hall of Fame, Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, Olympic Hall of Fame, etc.
Event year Event Gold Silver Bronze
1968 Mexico City – Olympic 2 1 1
1972 Munich – Olympic 7
1967 Winnipeg – Pan American Games 5
1965 Israel – Maccabiah Games 4
1969 Israel – Maccabiah Games 6
Total 24 1 1

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