Is Jessica Parker Dating or Single? Is she already Married?

Jessica Parker Kennedy is a talented Canadian actress who has a huge fan following in Hollywood. She has reached the heights of a star today, but her career started and involved a lot of support roles. It was her goal from childhood to become an actress, and she has become one now, a very successful one. Her latest role is Nora West-Allen in The Flash series season 4 and 5.

Early Life and Introduction

Jessica is a pretty private person, and not much information about any part of her private life is available. What we know is that she was born on October 3, 1984, in Calgary, Alberta, and raised there. Growing up, Jessica only had her mother. A single mother raised her; her mother is a teacher by occupation but has retired, according to Kennedy.

Jessica is biracial; to be precise, she has an ancestry of Russian, Italian, and African blood. Her beauty seems to come from her mixed-race. Kennedy is also a trained singer and is pretty good at singing.

Jessica Parker Kennedy studied theatre arts in Mount Royale College. Nothing more is available about her education, but she probably attended the local schools in Calgary.

There is a story about Jessica’s childhood where she fell from a stool, but as she was falling flapped her arms to fly. She wasn’t able to fly then but has reached the heights of stars now.

Jessica Parker Kennedy Career

Jessica’s career started at the age of 22 in 2006. For her first screen work, Kennedy played in the television film, Santa Baby, as Lucy the Elf. She also played in the sequel of the movie, Santa Baby: Maybe Christmas as well in 2009. Kennedy also played the role of Tami in the successful 2008 comedy film Another Cinderella Story.

As for the TV series, Jessica has played in multiple series like Smallville, Undercovers, and Kaya. She portrayed the role of Plastique in the popular TV series Smallville. Most of Jessica’s famous works are in the TV series, like Black Sails, where she portrayed Max as a recurring character of the series. And The Secret Circle, where Kennedy played Melissa Glasser in the CW series.

Image of Jessica Parker Kennedy from the TV reality show, Black Sails

Jessica Parker Kennedy from the TV reality show, Black Sails

Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora aka XS

All of Jessica’s work in TV series has been well received by fans and critiques alike. Her latest work in TV series would be as XS in the CW’s Arrowverse live-action series, The Flash. Jessica appeared in the series throughout season 4 and was revealed to be Nora West-Allen towards the end of the season. Daugther of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen from the future.

Kennedy was later promoted as a regular in season five of the show. But, her character XS was erased from existence in the show after some time. Jessica and the fans are pretty hopeful of her revival in the show in the coming days. But Jessica herself seems to be pretty happy and content as she got to play the role of a superhero.

Jessica was handpicked for the role of Nora West-Allen by the directors for her looks and her talent. There was no formal audition for the role of XS which gives us an essence of her talent.

Is Jessica Dating co-star Luke Arnold?

Jessica, as we mentioned before, seems to like to keep her personal life under the wraps away from media and fans. There have been rumors of her dating, like the rumor from back in 2014.

Kennedy was rumored to be dating a co-star from Black Sails back in 2014, Luke Arnold, as they were spotted together in many of the dating spots in Vancouver. Luke was thought of as Jessica Parker Kennedy’s boyfriend, but he claimed to be single.

But nothing came out of it as the rumor died down after some time. The relation which might have started silently probably ended in silence, and nobody ever knew if it was real or not. But recently, Jessica has claimed that she is single and is looking to settle down.

Image of Jessica Parker Kennedy

Actress, Jessica Parker Kennedy is currently single now

Jessica is Single and looking to Mingle

So far, Jessica Parker Kennedy has had no husband or boyfriend, but she is currently looking for a love interest. She has even spoken about her ideal type of partner as well,

I’m usually attracted to more interesting types of men. I have no desire to be with a cookie-cutter Ken doll…I like when a man has a positive self-image, no matter what he looks like. I’m not into rock-hard abs…I love when a man doesn’t take himself too seriously. He has to have a sense of humor.

So, if you think you will fit into her criteria, then maybe you should approach her because there is no league for her, and she seems very genuine as well. Any man who gets to be her partner is going to be lucky as a four-leaved clover. While we may say ‘partner,’ she doesn’t seem to be gay, so to all the girls with a crush on her, we are sorry, but let’s hope she finds her Mr.Perfect soon.

Jessica Parker Kenedy Net Worth

In her 13 years career, Jessica has taken on a lot of roles. She is one of the actresses who likes playing varying roles and not play similar ones. Jessica says she now wants to play the role of a Mother with kids,

I would love to play a part where I get to be a mom. That’s not something that I’ve been able to do yet. I’d like to do something where I have kids, and that’s a part that’s a little older and more mature. I think that would be really fun.

Anyway, with her portraying various types of characters and being very active in her work, it is no surprise she would have a good net worth. She even auditions for many roles and looks forward to playing them with enthusiasm.

Jessica Parker Kennedy’s net worth is upwards of $500k, and it is definitely going to go up with time as she gains more popularity. She approximately makes about $150k to $1 million yearly, which makes her one of the most earning actresses playing on the non-lead roles.

Jessica Parker Kennedy Fast Facts

  • Kennedy’s mother was a single mother who raised her alone.
  • Jessica is of Canadian Nationality and was born and raised in Calgary.
  • She is a conscious and active speaker for climate change and its consequences.
  • Jessica also advocates for Pitbulls and is a member of the Stand Up for Pits foundation
  • Kennedy has a pitbull named Fresh, and she seems to be very close to Jessica’s heart.
  • Her body measurement is 36-25-35, and she credits her beauty care to keeping hydrated.
  • She has over 470k followers in Instagram.

Jessica Parker Kennedy Wiki

Name Jessica Parker Kennedy
Date of Birth October 3, 1984 (Age 35)
Education Mount Royal College
Profession Actress
Relationship status Single
Children None
Net Worth $500,000
Height 5ft 2inch
Zodiac Sign Libra
Ethnicity Biracial (Italian, African, and Russian)

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